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Pure bliss: 9 hours of cat purring!

So we’re not entirely sure what to make of this… essentially because there is just too many good reasons to have nine full hours of cat purring to listen to! Is there anything more soothing and peaceful? We think not. The video, cute as it is, may not keep your attention for that long – but no one expects you to sit there and watch for nine hours anyway.

So whether you’re in search of the perfect lullaby, a soundtrack to meditation or yoga, need a happy place to cheer yourself up during a stressful day at work or just need a moment of relaxation, come back to this!

Now turn the volume up, close your eyes and enjoy!

Lil Bub gets her aura cleansed!

We’re sure you’re familiar* with Lil Bub, no introductions necessary.  Recently, Lil Bub had an extended skype session with psychic Christine Agro about her life at large, her companion owner Mike Bridavsky and the amazing journey they’re on. We’ve selected a few excerpts of

It looks like she has this connection that’s outside of what we can see and what we can understand.

I see a big spirit coming into this little itty-bitty body. It has an element of cat sense to it, but it also has a whole other, much larger dynamic behind it

Lots of pictures are being thrown at her – I don’t see them being bad pictures, I think it’s because she’s so visible and so many people are looking at her and watching her

All quotes from vice, read the full story here.

Some general Lil Bub cuteness for you:


and Lil Bub introducing her forthcoming book:


*Just in case you’re not: Lil Bub is a cat and Internet celebrity known for her cute “perma-kitten” appearance. Her photos were first posted to Tumblr in November 2011 then took off after being featured on reddit. She has an unconventional genetic makeup and a number of other conditions, including dwarfism and polydactylism, all adding to her infinite adorableness.



procatination for all!

There really are no words to do this justice!

On the day procatination happens to you it’s likely to be the only thing to happen. Forget about work, school, family and whatever else you usually take care of – procatinate as much as you can and all will be well!

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Make kittens bounce, literally!

This must be the most amazing website since hampsterdance back in the day that was 1997! And it definitely has that vintage feel to it, except for the fact that you actually get to bounce the kittens yourself. You can even flick them high enough to bounce out of the screen (note on the side: once you’ve done that, “catching” it again to slow it down is quite difficult)!

Cat bounce seriously has the potential to entertain you for hours, if not days! Should you inconceivably get bored anyway, here’s a quirk for you: you can temporarily make it rain cats on top of the bouncing cats (to do so click on the hardly visible button/link on the top right)!

Now be entertained!


Japanese Cat Cafes FTW!

cat cafe sign tokyo
CC Flickr user pixelhut

Have a spare hour in Tokyo at your disposal? Here’s the most kittylicious way to pass your time: Cat Cafes!!!

Basically, have coffee and cake whilst chilling out with cute cats – simples as that!

The trend started over a decade ago in Taiwan and has since spread across East Asia. In Tokyo, where living space is scarce and many landlords don’t allow pets in appartments, cat cafes are understandably in particularly high demand and you will find them in nearly all areas of the city. There seems to be hope for Europe as well – the first cafe neko (neko is Japanese for cat) opened in Vienna, Austria earlier this year – keep them coming!

cats and gaming at cat cafe
CC Flickr user Ari Helminen

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The Brighton Cats!

Harry Pointer with his cats

In the 1870s, British photographer Harry Pointer came to fame for a series of postcard photographs featuring his pet cats. Initially, he photographed cats sleeping or resting in unusual places, but he soon began experimenting with deliberately placing cats in humorous poses to create more appealing pictures, for example in a mixing bowl or on an old boot. Pointer’s next step was to arrange his cats in unusual poses that mimicked human activities – roller-skating cats or a cat taking a picture with a camera. Pointer realised that adding written captions to his cat photographs would make for amusing situational postcards for all sorts of occasions (in the 1870ies postcards were very popular to send quick notes and greetings to family and friends). The series “The Brighton Cats”, named after the home of Harry Pointer’s photo studio, held around two hundered such captioned cat pictures. The tradition he started on postcards has survived the digital revolution in form of LOLCats. No doubt the language and what sort of content we find amusing have changed over the centuries, but the basic principle of adding words to cat images to create a funnier whole has remained the same! Continue reading for a selection of the Brighton Cats (aka vintage LOLCats)!

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