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DIY Kitty Bunkbed!

Bild your kitties this amazing diy bunkbed! This is a great example, but colour and design are entirely up to your imagination.


You will need three (or potentially more) old crates, paint of your choice and either suitable glue or screws/bolts. Individually paint the crates in your chosen colour and let them dry. Apply your chosen designs, in case you don’t feel comfortable hand-drawing on the crates, make stencils (or buy them at a handicraft shop). For safety of your cats, make sure you either glue or screw the crates on top of each other after painting them.  Add some cushions and blankets… and patiently wait for photo ops 🙂

Make your own catpanion cube!

companion_cubeThe catpanion cube is the ideal diy project for the next rainy day. A few supplies, a bit of spare time, all built-up creative energy you can spare and you and your cat are sure to have some happy times ahead. This is a classic situation of two birds with one stone, really. You have as good an excuse as there will ever be to have a companion cube sitting around your lounge, and your beloved kitty gets a cozy new bed!

You will need the following supplies: foam padding (1 inch thick) to cut six squares, medium gray fabric to cover your squares,  light gray fabric for the circles, pink fabric for the hearts, pink ribbon, thread, pins, pattern material and ideally a sewing machine. 

Here’s a sneak peak at the diy process and the result:


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Cat Bath: A Visual Guide!

Here’s an essential visual guide on how to give your cat a bath:

The first visual clearly shows best practice. A fully functional cat will most elegantly take care of the bathing on its own. No need to interfere on your part at all.

The second demonstration of a cat bath shown below suggests that there may be potential for things to go awfully wrong (some might even feel this represents reality for a majority of felines).

What it's like getting him into the water.

As commenters have suggested, if this comes closer to your experience of bathing your cat than the best-practice example shown above, the cat might be broken. Your options in this case are,

a) reset your cat to factory settings

b) try this rather blunt approach:

The latest rage in cat bath technology

While most definitely lacking in elegance and form, the result is likely to be a clean (if pissed off) cat!