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Table Cat – Cat Table!

Cat in Cat Hammock Table
img by Case-Real

A while back (in 2009 to be precise), Tokyo-based design furniture house E&Y introduced the most beautiful coffee table imaginable, designed by Koichi Futatsumata. Ever since, I’ve been hoping to see this (or at least a comparable) design become widely available for purchase. I was hopeful when its imminent arrival was announced for spring 2010 here and here – but it turns out it is available for order directly from E&Y in Japan only. Whilst surely an option for some, my guess is that most of us will remain reluctant non-owners of this amazing way of featuring our cat where it belongs – at the center of attention, in the center of our living room that is (read at the center of our universe). Oh and yes, as others have pointed out, there is an option of actually placing your coffee on the coffee table with the cat in its hammock. Fully functional and all, yet due to the glass surface the cat is safe from coffee spillage at all times!

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