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Cats hanging out in bunches!


\noun \ˈklau̇də(r)\

Clowder of cats in snowy forest
CC flickr user Tidewater Muse

Definition: a group or a cluster of cats. Origin: 1795–1805; variant of dialect clodder clotted mass, noun use of clodder to clot, coagulate, Middle English clothered, clothred (past participle), variant of clotered; compare obsolete clotter to huddle together (source).



Cat House
CC flickr user dok1


Isn’t there something intriguing about a clowder of cats?

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Cat Enhanced Toothbrushing!

We (hopefully) all brush our teeth every morning, probably one of the most non-special tasks in a daily routine. How many of us have a cat on our head whilst doing so? Pretty special. Notice how the cat does not leave a single scratch on her shoulder or face in the process!

The fourth one has got to be the favourite!