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Exciting Kitty Job Opportunity!


You may have heard, the first London cat cafe is coming: Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium!

Crowd funding was a success and all the preparations seem well in progress, soon soon lovely London will catch up to Japan and have its own cat cafe, in a yet undisclosed venue.  The concept is as simple as it is compelling, coffee and cakes in a cozy and friendly atmosphere + lots of cats to play and cuddle with! Really quite baffling no one in London has thought of opening one until now, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, the recruitment process for the most important employees of Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium has begun. Yes, the kitties of course! Continue reading for all the details!

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Japanese Cat Cafes FTW!

cat cafe sign tokyo
CC Flickr user pixelhut

Have a spare hour in Tokyo at your disposal? Here’s the most kittylicious way to pass your time: Cat Cafes!!!

Basically, have coffee and cake whilst chilling out with cute cats – simples as that!

The trend started over a decade ago in Taiwan and has since spread across East Asia. In Tokyo, where living space is scarce and many landlords don’t allow pets in appartments, cat cafes are understandably in particularly high demand and you will find them in nearly all areas of the city. There seems to be hope for Europe as well – the first cafe neko (neko is Japanese for cat) opened in Vienna, Austria earlier this year – keep them coming!

cats and gaming at cat cafe
CC Flickr user Ari Helminen

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