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Make your own catpanion cube!

companion_cubeThe catpanion cube is the ideal diy project for the next rainy day. A few supplies, a bit of spare time, all built-up creative energy you can spare and you and your cat are sure to have some happy times ahead. This is a classic situation of two birds with one stone, really. You have as good an excuse as there will ever be to have a companion cube sitting around your lounge, and your beloved kitty gets a cozy new bed!

You will need the following supplies: foam padding (1 inch thick) to cut six squares, medium gray fabric to cover your squares,  light gray fabric for the circles, pink fabric for the hearts, pink ribbon, thread, pins, pattern material and ideally a sewing machine. 

Here’s a sneak peak at the diy process and the result:


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Make kittens bounce, literally!

This must be the most amazing website since hampsterdance back in the day that was 1997! And it definitely has that vintage feel to it, except for the fact that you actually get to bounce the kittens yourself. You can even flick them high enough to bounce out of the screen (note on the side: once you’ve done that, “catching” it again to slow it down is quite difficult)!

Cat bounce seriously has the potential to entertain you for hours, if not days! Should you inconceivably get bored anyway, here’s a quirk for you: you can temporarily make it rain cats on top of the bouncing cats (to do so click on the hardly visible button/link on the top right)!

Now be entertained!