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LOLCats are more than LOLs, scientifically speaking!

Find out what social research at the London School of Economics and Political Science concludes about LOLCats!

If it fits i sits white cat in glass bowl

LOLCats have, maybe against all odds, become a constant in the fast-paced and ever-changing interwebs. With myriads of websites catering to the creation and dispersal of the popular kitty captions (or capshunz in the appropriate lingo) still going strong, they remain one of the most widely shared items in social media, blogs and are (who would have thought) being e-mailed around as ever.

As promised a while back, we will now take a closer look at what constitutes the undeniable cultural relevance of the LOLCat phenomenon. By no means only a laughing matter, LOLCats as a timely and ongoing form of cultural production are sure to have a tale or two to tell about the social world.

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