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Cat Bath: A Visual Guide!

Here’s an essential visual guide on how to give your cat a bath:

The first visual clearly shows best practice. A fully functional cat will most elegantly take care of the bathing on its own. No need to interfere on your part at all.

The second demonstration of a cat bath shown below suggests that there may be potential for things to go awfully wrong (some might even feel this represents reality for a majority of felines).

What it's like getting him into the water.

As commenters have suggested, if this comes closer to your experience of bathing your cat than the best-practice example shown above, the cat might be broken. Your options in this case are,

a) reset your cat to factory settings

b) try this rather blunt approach:

The latest rage in cat bath technology

While most definitely lacking in elegance and form, the result is likely to be a clean (if pissed off) cat!

Cat Enhanced Toothbrushing!

We (hopefully) all brush our teeth every morning, probably one of the most non-special tasks in a daily routine. How many of us have a cat on our head whilst doing so? Pretty special. Notice how the cat does not leave a single scratch on her shoulder or face in the process!

The fourth one has got to be the favourite!

Japanese Art Cats!

Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797-1862)

Utagawa Kuniyoshi was one of the last great masters of the ukiyo-e style in painting and woodblock printing. Kuniyoshi’s subjects included landscape, women, kabuki actors, mythical animals and… wait for it… CATS!

Enjoy some examples of his work here:

Utagawa Kuniyoshi Cats in four poses

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